Transmission (also known as the gearbox) is also part of your routine maintenance just like your engine oil.

This service we provide does not take long and includes the following:

‌ Draining the old transmission fluid and the torque converter fluid
‌ Replacing pan gasket and filter

How often should I get my transmission service done?

It is recommended you should get it done every 40,000 kms. However if there are any of the following symptoms bring your car in sooner to avoid costly repairs, such as:

‌ Harsh shifting and thumping of gears
‌ Gears slippage on upshift and downshift could be due to grit and grime in the system
‌ Delay in movement after shifting can be related to poor fluid condition

These are just some of the things that could be a concern with your transmission and may need to looked at as soon as possible.

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