Brakes are a very important component of your vehicle, it is safeguard your safety on the road. However, if there is any sounds or vibrations you may be hearing when you are braking, this may be an indication that your brakes need to be checked out.

When a brake inspection is undertaken this is what we check:

A yearly check up would ensure the safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones while on the road doing your day to day duties or a long road trip.

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Tyres and brakes go hand in hand. Your tyres are essential for your safe driving on the road.

Tyres provide vital functions such as providing grip for braking and acceleration, supporting the weight of the vehicle and acts as a shock absorber for vibrations from the road. Tyres can also save you lots of money on fuel if you don’t have the correct ones fitted or if the tyre pressure is not checked regularly.

The tread is the grooved outer layer of your tyre that is in direct contact with the road. This rubber is designed to grip the road, resist general wear and tear and cope with high temperatures generated by friction. Also, regular tyre rotations and wheel alignments ensure the longevity of your tyres.

If you are unsure on what condition and thread your tyres are, we are happy to inspect free of charge!

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