Need a new battery? We stock a wide range of batteries for any of your vehicles. We currently stock Exide Batteries that is an Australian based company that uses leading edge technology to provide durability, while delivering performance you can trust. With our 30 months warranty on batteries we stock you are sure to feel confident on your day to day travels.

If you are concerned about your battery in your vehicle there are a few symptoms you could look out for to avoid leaving you stranded, such as:

‌ Slow engine crank
‌ Check engine/battery light on the dashboard – this might appear if your battery is weak
‌ Rotten egg smell, also known as sulfur odour – this is the corrosion on your terminals that is also known as battery leak

If you have a weak battery this can also cause other issues to your starter motor and starter solenoid.

If you are not sure on the condition of your battery, come down and visit us for your free 5-minute battery check on your battery to give you peace of mind.

All used and old batteries are disposed of properly and recycled. And if you have any unwanted batteries in your home bring it down and we will happily dispose of it.